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CodeMeter License Central is a database-driven license and entitlement management solution that automates the process of creating, delivering, and managing licenses for software and digital content.

The key features of CodeMeter License Central enable you to:

  • Create licenses with ease using WebServices or the web frontend and assign them to:
  • Integrate the entire license lifecycle management workflow into popular CRM, e-commerce, and ERP systems, such as SAP and Salesforce, via tried-and-tested techniques
  • Deliver and manage licenses for your customers reliably and easily, either online or offline
  • Efficiently integrate your resellers  into your existing software distribution process

All of this is backed up by Wibu Systems’ Professional Services team, providing the extra expertise you need to implement a unified solution and meet all your licensing requirements.

CodeMeter License Central also gives you complete control over your sales process and thus the power to allow your customers to:

  • Move licenses
  • Borrow licenses
  • Generate backup licenses
  • Manage their own licenses
  • Provide time-limited, upgrade, or trial licenses
  • Resell licenses
  • Split licenses
  • Return licenses

CodeMeter License Central includes a powerful SOAP-based interface and can define a broad range of licensing options. This means that you can map CodeMeter License Central items directly to your ERP items, so you can maintain the same SKUs you are currently using, yet have the flexibility to place multiple SKUs in a single order – if you choose to; your licenses, your way.

The benefits of using CodeMeter License Central combine:

  • Reduced process costs due to automation
  • Individual and comprehensive reporting
  • More efficient support with unified license management

The CodeMeter License Central interface is exceptionally flexible, easily fitting  into most established business processes with little need for customization. This allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that your IP is secure from hackers and counterfeiters. Since it integrates seemlessly with your CRM and ERP systems, you are able to keep the same look and feel you are already familiar with.

Cloud-based Editions

The cloud-based editions of CodeMeter License Central make it easy for you to start licensing with CodeMeter. Your CodeMeter License Central is operated for you by our WIBU Operating Services team with 99.9% availability in the cloud.

Available Editions

CodeMeter License Central is available in three different editions and a special high availability package in the cloud. These editions differ in the supported number of monthly transactions, the interfaces for integration into third-party systems, and the length of the maintenance period.

  • Datacenter Edition: The Datacenter Edition Edition is the version that allows for up to 1,500 activations and deactivations per month. As a software vendor, you have access to the vendor portal. To activate your licenses, WebDepot is available to you as a user portal and gateway for integration into your software. The Datacenter Edition contains all standard connectors for e-commerce and ERP systems.
  • Dedicated Server Edition: The Dedicated Server Edition includes up to 3,000 activations and deactivations per month. Besides WebDepot, Gateway, and Connectors, you have the possibility to directly access the WebServices of CodeMeter License Central, to provide an extended License Portal for your users, and to make extensions to WebDepot, Gateway, and Connectors.
  • High Performance Edition: The High Performance Edition includes up to 25,000 activations and deactivations per month and provides all integration and customization options of the Dedicated Server Edition.

It is possible to exceed these monthly transaction thresholds with each edition, for example, in the event of a particularly busy, but limited update period. If you need more than 25,000 activations and deactivations per month or want to further reduce maintenance times, it is possible to combine several High Performance Editions (lines) into one High Availability Package:

  • High Availability Package: A High Availability Package comprises two High Performance Editions and a load balancing mechanism. It is designed for up to 50,000 activations and deactivations per month. The package can be extended further by adding more High Performance Editions (lines).

For an overview of your options, visit the Wibu Operating Services page.

Adaptations to Your Requirements

All cloud-based editions can be adapted to your corporate design and workflows via the WebDepot graphic user interface. The mapping of data from third-party systems via standard connectors to the data fields in CodeMeter License Central is also configurable.

Additional functions can be added to the Dedicated Server Edition and the High Performance Edition.

Operation by the WIBU Operating Services Team

The datacenter chosen by Wibu-Systems to operate your CodeMeter License Central provides redundancy and is certified according to ISO EN9001:2008 and ISO/IEC27001.

Operation services by the WIBU Operating Service Team include the following:

  • Provision and maintenance of the infrastructure
  • Redundant installation of the systems
  • Automatic monitoring of the infrastructure’s functionality
  • Automatic monitoring of CodeMeter License Central
  • Detection of attack patterns and initiation of countermeasures
  • Operating system maintenance (updates and security patches)
  • CodeMeter License Central Application maintenance (updates and security patches)
  • Performing a cyclical backup of the databas

On-Premise Editions

CodeMeter License Central is also available via two main on-premise editions, with each adding even more flexibility. These editions differ in their interfaces for integration into third-party systems.

  • Desktop Edition: The Desktop Edition is the basic edition of CodeMeter License Central. This provides support for an internal MySQL database server and does not support SOAP interfaces. It can be used:
    • as a desktop application
    • on the local Intranet of the software vendor
  • Internet Edition: This provides all interfaces, the highly customizable WebDepot, SOAP interfaces, and Internet gateways and extensions, along with support for both internal and external MySQL database servers as well as external MSSQL database servers. It can be used:
    • as a desktop application
    • on the local Intranet of the software vendor
    • on the internet for online activation of the user

Lean and Easy Integration

ERP/CRM Integration

CodeMeter License Central is available with an ever growing list of integration tools for ERP and CRM software, and Wibu-Systems’ Professional Services team is available to help with further integration if required.

Currently, integrations exist with:

  • SAP (with a ready-to-use solution via our integration partner Informatics)
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Other options are possible, and Professional Services are always at hand to help

E-commerce Integration

A great many e-commerce integrations have already been performed with CodeMeter License Central, including:

  • Digital River
  • Cleverbridge
  • Avangate
  • Magento

Of course, many more are possible using the documentation and APIs provided.


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