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Secure, Hosted Licensing Service with High Availability

Hosting our licensing solution, CodeMeter License Central, directly at Wibu-Systems’ facility is a cost-effective option for many software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers.

The service includes:

  • Data Center Infrastructure: Two data centers in separate availability zones with redundant infrastructure for maximum failover reliability.
  • Backup Service: complete, automated database backup.
  • Installation Service: installation of CodeMeter License Central at your facility or ours.
  • System Maintenance: ongoing operating system maintenance, including updates and patches, to ensure the highest security.
  • Application Level Maintenance: application level maintenance, including database, application servers and webservers.
  • Availability monitoring: immediate notification and remediation in case of failures.
  • Secure Access: your user interface to CodeMeter License Central is protected by a client certificate and is available only via https.
  • Service Level Agreement: 99.5 up to 99.9% availability of your CodeMeter License Central in our datacenter, depending upon the service edition.

Four types of service configurations are available:

Datacenter Edition

The CodeMeter License Central Datacenter Edition presents a cost-effective introductory version, where you share a server with other vendors but with separate databases; it supports up to 1,500 license activations/deactivations per month with 99.5% availability.

Dedicated Server Edition

With the Dedicated Server Edition, your CodeMeter License Central installation is running on a separate virtual machine. As part of this option, you are able to use your own extensions and directly access all web services; it supports up to 3,000 license activations/deactivations per month with 99.5% availability.

High Performance Edition

The High Performance Edition is characterized by replication into the second availability zone. In the event of a failure, the replication serves as a quick replacement. Moreover, the High Performance Edition supports up to 25,000 license activations/deactivations per month with 99.7% availability.

High Availability Package

The High Availability Package consists of load balancing service and two lines of High Performance Edition in one single bundle; it supports up to 50,000 activations/deactivations per month with 99.9% availability. The architecture can optionally be extended with additional lines with the processing power of the High Performance Edition, each supporting up to an additional 25,000 licenses activations/deactivations per month.

Comparison Chart

Service Datacenter
Server provided YES YES YES YES
Installation and configuring of CodeMeter License Central YES YES YES YES
Installation of operating system updates YES YES YES YES
Installation of CodeMeter License Central updates YES YES YES YES
Monitoring availability YES YES YES YES
Monitoring and performing attack counter-measures YES YES YES YES
Daily database backup YES YES YES YES
Internet connectivity YES YES YES YES
Access to vendor’s user interface (client certificate) YES YES YES YES
Access to Connectors and Gateways YES YES YES YES
Customizable WebDepot pages YES YES YES YES
Access to all web services - YES YES YES
Customer-specific CodeMeter License Central extensions   YES YES YES
No. of CodeMeter License Central lines 1 1 1 2
Availability 99.5% 99.5% 99.7% 99.9%
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) <24 hours <24 hours <30 minutes <1 second
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) <3 working days <3 working days <4 hours <1 second
Activations and deactivations of licenses per month Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
License queries per month Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Web service queries per month - Up to
Up to
Up to

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