Enhancing license management
with Salesforce


Over the last 15 years, Salesforce’s market strength has grown exponentially to become the world’s #1 CRM. Companies of all sizes and operating in any industry have migrated their sales-, service-, marketing-, and community-related databases to the cloud.

Moreover, several ISVs are making a special use of Salesforce; they also associate the software licenses they create with their customers through this powerful platform.

What is the missing piece of this puzzle, that can expedite the license deployment even further?

CodeMeter License Central, a database-derived license entitlement application, automates the process of creating, delivering, and managing licenses for software and digital content. And the good news is it can be connected to Salesforce in just a few easy steps.

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The webinar is structured in two segments. Part One is all about a live demonstration: we will show how to create a license with Salesforce. Then the user activates the license, and the information about the activation is transmitted back to Salesforce. You will be able to observe the process from both sides: that of the vendor that creates and delivers the license, and that of the user who activates it. In Part Two, now that you have seen the effectiveness of the comprehensive solution as a whole, we will step backwards and show you how to connect Salesforce and CodeMeter License Central.
In particular, we will navigate through the following specific topics:

Part One: Combined use of the two systems

  • From the ISV’s perspective:
    • How to generate a project with Salesforce assets
    • How to transfer a project to CodeMeter License Central
  • From the user’s perspective:
    • How to activate the license using WebDepot
    • How to activate the license using the Software Activation Wizard
  • From the ISV’s perspective
    • How to transmit the activation to Salesforce
    • How to get a complete overview of all activations in Salesforce
    • How to edit a project

Part Two: Integration of the two systems

  • How to generate CodeMeter License Central items for Salesforce assets
  • How to integrate CodeMeter License Central into Salesforce

It’s time to boost Salesforce with a streamlined license deployment. 3-2-1, done!

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