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Easy and secure protection for your software

Software is now part of everyday life: applications at work, PC games at home, programmable machine control  in industry. Over the last few years, software applications have also become increasingly important in server and virtual cloud environments. Regardless of location, the development and distribution of software is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process.

Damage caused by pirate software

Pirate software is a major cause of economic damage to software vendors. The use of software which has not been paid for can threaten the financial existence of companies. A recent study by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a global consortium representing the interests of software manufacturers, shows that 43% of PC software worldwide is pirate software. How do these illegal copies get into circulation? Basically, there are three ways. First, software pirates pretend to be resellers and trick customers into believing they are buying licensed software. The second and most widespread way is due to underlicensing in companies. Another possibility is downloading a software "crack" from the Internet.

The Solution: CodeMeter

So what can you do to prevent this? You can either stop pirate software production completely, or make it extremely difficult. In both cases, Wibu-Systems has the perfect solution for you!

With classical PC software the most important goal is to prevent pirate copies and hence protect license revenues. In industry, however, the main concern is to protect investment by preventing reverse engineering. Even before the Stuxnet worm incident, integrity protection in security-relevant industrial installations was a popular topic of discussion. In the field of server and cloud software, authentication and data privacy issues are always high up on the agenda.

CodeMeter technology from Wibu-Systems is unique worldwide and offers standard yet flexible solutions to all the application scenarios described above.

Regardless of whether you prefer to protect your software development with a dongle (CmDongle) or a machine-specific license file (CmActLicense), using CodeMeter implies easy and effective management, and profitable results.

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