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Protecting your digital assets is easier than you think: Watch how you can use CodeMeter to leave the tough protection work to the professionals and concentrate on what you do best – Creating great products. Trust us: It will be the best 90 seconds you invested today!

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Wibu-Systems gives you everything you need to start your very own CodeMeter journey today. Request your SDK and take your work to the next level. The FREE SDK includes a Desktop Edition of CodeMeter License Central and all the tools and libraries to start protecting your software, two CmDongles, and the right to create your very first demo licenses.

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Let’s imagine you have just received your CodeMeter SDK. What are the first steps you can take? This short tutorial walks you through the processes as illustrated in the Quick Start Guide that you’ll find in your package. It offers an additional visual demonstration of how to successfully protect your very first application in just a few minutes.

Test the waters with CodeMeter​​​​​​​


Our webinars are designed to keep you up to date with the newest innovations and content coming from Wibu-Systems: Take your first deep-dive into the world of CodeMeter and discover the core features and the ins and outs of our flagship technology as well as the best ways for it to integrate with your products and processes.

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When you choose CodeMeter, you will come across the terms Firm Code and Product Code again and again. The encryption keys that will protect your software from piracy and reverse engineering are derived from them. Firm Code and Product Code are thus vital for the entire license lifecycle management process from the license’s creation to its delivery.

Learn CodeMeter Terminology


Licensing your software does not mean making compromises: Invest the next two minutes of your time to find out how licensing with CodeMeter fits right in with your commercial ambitions, your technological requirements, and your established processes to deliver perfect monetization.

Excel in Licensing your Software


Facts count more than words. In this tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is to effectively protect .NET applications against decompiling and reverse engineering. With AxProtector .NET, a module of CodeMeter Protection Suite, you will be able to encrypt your applications, obfuscate function names, and insert traps, among many other functions at your disposal.

Protect your first .NET Application


In the digital age, cloud licensing is the new frontier. CodeMeter equips you with several ways to create, manage, and distribute your licenses in the cloud, offer applications in SaaS mode, store licenses in the cloud for end users to enjoy the software wherever they want, or let users avail themselves of a self-service portal to be fully independent.

Choose the right CodeMeter Module


Keep track of what’s going on in the industry with Wibu-Systems’ whitepapers: Big or small, all software developers and software-driven businesses are facing the same type of threats and the same opportunities. Our dedicated whitepaper introduces all the options you have to pick the right protection system to suit your scale – and then scale up.

Scale Up your Business


The A to Z of success with CodeMeter: Check out the stories of our successful clients and users and see how CodeMeter is used heterogeously in all kind of industries to protect devices, data, physical or intangible assets and even human lives, from the high seas to neonatal units in hospitals, from smart factories to financial systems.

Your Success is our Success


There are some risks you cannot avoid? We don’t think so! Watch why CodeMeter is the hero you need to beat back all would-be attackers with a ready and easy-to-use solution against hacking, tampering, and reverse engineering. Protect your world with CodeMeter!

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