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Unleash the Power of CodeMeter


Over the history of Wibu-Systems, there have been certain recurring reasons that have brought customers to select protection and licensing solutions: usually, these were software getting hacked, revenues lost, the inability to keep up with a homegrown solution in the long run, the wish to supply multiple licensing models, or the plan to integrate licensing into an existing back office system. However, when your primary needs are met, there’s still a ton of features that remain underutilized or not explored at all, just as it happens with the configuration of our smart phones or the office applications we use every day.

Several features of CodeMeter are supplied with free lifetime maintenance included. Whatever angle of CodeMeter you have appreciated so far, it can make sense for you to get acquainted with the complete set of options at your disposal, optimize your processes even further, and make full use of the investment you have made. Additionally, the new generation of CodeMeter offers some special treats that we are first to introduce to the worldwide market. This is a great opportunity also for those who are only approaching license lifecycle management just now; they too can get a complete overview of the special features of our technology and the best practices we strongly encourage.

Discover the product highlights and the latest innovations that come with the new CodeMeter.

Unleash the Power of CodeMeter
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In this one hour together, we will cover:

Overview of CodeMeter

Integrate Once and Deliver Many: This has been our motto for more than 30 years. With the new breed of CodeMeter, we have brought this strategy to a new level.

Learn how you can protect your software in a way that lets you enjoy the next developments from Wibu-Systems automatically without the need for any adjustment to your software.

CodeMeter Core Features

Licensing is not child’s play. There are several technical, commercial, and marketing aspects to take into account in your overall strategy, but CodeMeter offers a wide array of options for you. Our experts will show the best approach for each use case, the options that are applied most, and the ones that are put into practice least.

  • Firm Code, Product Code, and License Options
  • CodeMeter Runtime – What you actually deliver to your end users
  • Setting up CodeMeter in a network environment
  • License transfer – The art of borrowing licenses

Integration into the Software

To achieve effective security against piracy and reverse engineering, integrating CodeMeter into your software is one of the most delicate steps in the entire process. CodeMeter Protection Suite offers a complete set of automated tools for the easy and secure encryption of your application or library. Additional APIs complement the technology and are recommended for the special purposes you might need them for.

  • Automatic encryption with the CodeMeter Protection Suite
  • WUPI: Software Protection API
  • CodeMeter Core API

Integration with Back Office Processes

A key success factor in license lifecycle management is a smooth progression from license creation to license delivery. CodeMeter License Central provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating licenses that can be integrated through SOAP interfaces with existing systems, such as SAP, Navision, Salesforce, Digital River, and many more. The usually complex process of transferring licenses is reduced to a simple point-and-click with our online activation system.

  • Integration options
  • CodeMeter License Central – Editions and interfaces
  • Online activation over WebDepot and the Software Activation Wizard

This class is open to both newbies and pros. Regardless of your current expertise in protection and licensing, you will walk away with some priceless takeaways that will enrich your work and make your business fly.