Trusted Digital Identities, Trusted IP, and Trusted Apps: Wibu-Systems’ Formula for Success at Embedded World 2024

  • Wibu-Systems partners with OSADL to exhibit at Embedded World, showcasing a united front in cybersecurity innovation.
  • The VE-ASCOT project, backed by German government funding and led by Wibu-Systems alongside its research partners, is set to reveal breakthrough results in embedded system security.
  • Swissbit introduces the first industry-grade memory cards endorsed with Wibu-Systems' CmReady certification, elevating data protection standards.
  • Hilscher's Flagship Store for the OI4 Community is fortified with Wibu-Systems’ premier technology, ensuring top-tier security for the automation industry.

At the Heart of Innovation: Human Connections and Technological Excellence with Wibu-Systems

Empowering Secure Innovations: Wibu-Systems at Embedded World 2024 – A Nexus of Trusted Digital Identities, IP, and Apps

Wibu-Systems is set to return to Embedded World, scheduled for April 9-11, and will share an exhibition space with OSADL – the Open Source Automation Development Lab, at hall 4, booth 168. In its area, Wibu-Systems, recognized for its leadership in IP protection, licensing, and security solutions, will present a variety of innovations. Alongside its research and solution partners, the showcase will span from trusted digital identities for the lifecycle of electronic components, to memory cards augmented with software protection and monetization capabilities, and a demonstration of the Flagship Store for the OI4 Community by Hilscher, secured with CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology.

Trusted Digital Identities

In the current environment, characterized by rising cyber-threats and challenges to the supply chain, the importance of establishing trust cannot be overstated, particularly in situations where direct oversight is impractical. Over the last three years, Wibu-Systems has spearheaded the VE-ASCOT research initiative supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in collaboration with prominent partners such as Siemens, Infineon Technologies, Schölly Fiberoptic, Revisionone, the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT, Kastel Security Research Labs at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Bielefeld University. This consortium has dedicated its efforts to advancing data security within embedded systems, pinpointing vulnerabilities, and developing comprehensive security frameworks, thereby paving the way for the next generation of secure and robust embedded technologies.

The innovative Chains of Trust security framework developed as a result of the research meticulously records the production, commissioning, and specific traits of electronic components through cryptographic means. This approach is instrumental in identifying and mitigating instances of tampering, anomalies, and counterfeiting. By integrating its CodeMeter hardware technology, Wibu-Systems offers concrete evidence of component integrity, facilitates remote attestation, and ensures ongoing validation of component trustworthiness. Representatives from the research collaboration will be present for on-site demonstrations, offering insights into the practical application of this groundbreaking solution.

Trusted IP

As the ubiquity of software in our lives continues to grow, the imperative to protect embedded intellectual property (IP) solidifies as a foundational concern for businesses. Wibu-Systems introduces CmReady, a groundbreaking approach that redefines the landscape of software protection and licensing management for memory card vendors and their customers. Through CmReady certification, memory cards are transformed into secure software licensing containers, providing developers of embedded software and IoT devices with a streamlined and cost-effective solution for licensing. Drawing on over twenty years of experience, CmReady delivers unmatched security and mobility.

Employing the distinctive Hardware ID (UID) of each memory card, along with secure, monotonically increasing counters to prevent replay attacks, this state-of-the-art technology flawlessly integrates Data Protection memory cards from Swissbit with Wibu-Systems’ comprehensive CodeMeter licensing framework. This ensures full support for both Windows and Linux operating systems across a broad spectrum of Intel and ARM architectures. CmReady-certified memory cards guarantee compatibility with CodeMeter Runtime and CodeMeter Embedded, essential for the operation of protected applications across an extensive range of desktop and embedded platforms, thereby establishing a new benchmark for secure and adaptable software deployment.

Trusted Apps

As the wave of digitalization continues to sweep across industries, digital marketplaces dedicated to industrial applications are increasingly in the spotlight. Hilscher has pioneered the Flagship Store for the OI4 Community, creating a nexus where open standards and tools from various solution partners come together to drive the digital transformation of automation projects with unparalleled flexibility and autonomy. This Store marks the beginning of a new chapter, offering a secure and standardized environment that transforms the way applications are published, integrated, and managed.

Leveraging the power of Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology, the company plays a pivotal role in shaping this emerging ecosystem by providing a solid foundation that ensures security, openness, and full interoperability. This initiative is transformative, benefiting not only the visionaries behind this novel marketplace but also empowering developers ready to engage with the platform. With their Docker applications containerized, developers can anticipate enhanced protection and readiness for licensing through a diverse range of models. This development signifies a profound step towards the secure and profitable deployment of software, redefining the industrial sector's path to digitalization and security.

Stefan Bamberg, Director Sales & KAM at Wibu-Systems, can’t wait to meet with the show visitors: “Our presence at Embedded World 2024 is more than just a showcase; it's a testament to Wibu-Systems' unwavering commitment to advancing cybersecurity. Through our collaborative efforts and technological innovations, we're not only protecting digital assets but also paving the way for a future where trust and security are intrinsic to every digital interaction. Together, we're setting new standards for the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that every digital step forward is a step toward a safer digital world.”

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