New at sps ipc drives 2014: CodeMeter protection technology is now available for Raspberry Pi


Small – Slim – Secure: software protection and licensing made easy with the Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi with the USB dongle CmStick connected.

The Raspberry Pi is often used in research and development as a cost-effective platform. To meet the demand of professional users, Wibu-Systems is announcing a Raspberry Pi version called "Compute Module" available for integration into pre-existing hardware. At this year's sps ipc drives, Wibu-Systems introduces its starter kit for Raspberry Pi; at booth 660, hall 7, visitors can learn how to protect embedded software on a single-board computer, license it, and secure the system from tampering. The CodeMeter SDK for Raspberry Pi is preconfigured for a quick jump start, and includes the encryption tool ExProtector, the Linux operating system with a modified, secure ELF loader, the pre-programmed protection hardware CmDongle, and the related documentation.

CodeMeter encrypts and signs embedded software for Linux with ExProtector. The secure program is then checked and decrypted by the operating system upon starting the Raspberry Pi. The process takes place unnoticed to the user, while the software manufacturer is sure that his program cannot be copied or altered.

Marco Blume, Product Manager for embedded security at Wibu-Systems declares: "With the new SDK for Raspberry Pi, we are pioneering product and know-how protection in the embedded world. During sps ipc drives 2014, we expect a strong demand for the starter kit, as it delivers strong security standards to manufacturers of all industries."

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