KEYnote 45: Smart business opportunities, new protection skills, and more in the newest issue of Wibu-Systems’ magazine

  • Spring / Summer issue of Wibu-Systems’ magazine includes lots of insights for building modular licensing-driven business models.
  • Major innovations to the CodeMeter protection technology include a look at new obfuscation capabilities.
  • More news, tips, and tricks from Wibu-Systems’ specialists make KEYnote issue 45 a treasure trove for practitioners.

The new KEYnote magazine gets down to business with many actionable ideas and insights for building the perfect protection and licensing system.

The spring / summer issue of Wibu-Systems’ bi-annual KEYnote magazine is now available, offering software developers a wealth of industry news, best practices, usage tips, and new products, all focused on the latest CodeMeter software licensing and protection technologies.

KEYnote, the twice-yearly magazine published by the protection and licensing specialists at Wibu-Systems, does not fit the mold of typical corporate publishing. With deep-dive articles about new technical opportunities, ideas for smarter license-driven business models, and a round-up of the latest news and events, each issue is a treasure trove for practitioners. The spring / summer edition for 2023 includes detailed information about new obfuscation options, a look at the commercial potential of reseller integration and modular licenses, and a no-holds barred interview with Ruediger Kuegler about the security promise of CodeMeter.

KEYnote issue 45 is a must-read for CodeMeter enthusiasts and loyal users of Wibu-Systems’ licensing and protection software. The hands-on, practice-oriented nature of this spring / summer edition is visible in everything from the full page of news stories about innovations and upgrades to Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology to the many detailed articles about CodeMeter’s capabilities in actual use. With reseller integration options making the front page as a promising avenue for CodeMeter-empowered business models, this issue delivers on its promise of combining technology news and information with actionable ideas for software developers and entrepreneurs relying on CodeMeter for a secure and profitable business.

Integrating resellers in a licensing-driven business model must not be an afterthought, as they represent a prime sales channel beyond direct sales, especially for more bijou software businesses that do not have the resources to maintain a full sales force or simply want to concentrate on what they do best: creating a good product. CodeMeter offers a versatile range of options for integrating resellers and other distribution channels, with different billing options, the ability to put either established ERP systems or the CodeMeter License Portal in the lead, and nifty ideas for distributing, managing, and billing subscription licenses. The frontpage article in KEYnote 45 covers everything that practitioners need to know to build their perfect reseller channel.

A look at modular licensing complements this with more ideas about attractive commercialization options like feature-on-demand licenses that can create new business opportunities by lowering the entry threshold and creating additional aftermarket potential. As is traditional with the KEYnote magazine, this includes detailed info about the underlying licensing technology and the means to get everything to market and into the user’s hands – a topic explored in more detail in a thorough explanation of how CodeMeter can and should be installed on the end user’s device and in a dedicated piece on the role and use of a software activation wizard with CodeMeter.

The technology news in KEYnote 45 goes even deeper with an exclusive introduction of the new obfuscation capabilities launched with AxProtector Compile Time Protection, adding a new security paradigm to Wibu-Systems’ trusted protection technology: a compile time obfuscation of code blocks for added security to obscure any logical connections in the protected code. All of this comes on top of the traditional encryption and protection capabilities and the versatile licensing made possible with CodeMeter.

A special highlight of this spring / summer issue is an interview with Ruediger Kuegler, VP Professional Services and Security Expert, about the security promise of CodeMeter. Reimagined from an actual conversation with a client, the interview asks some of the fundamental questions about how CodeMeter licensing works, what each license container excels at, and what CodeMeter has to offer against common routes of attack. Ruediger Kuegler speaks openly about the capabilities and the limits of CodeMeter’s power and offers some ideas and opinions about what constitutes the perfect protection setup.

Daniela Previtali, Global Marketing Director of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, is delighted by the teamwork that is behind every issue of the company’s magazine: “Product Management and pre- and post-sales specialists get together to deliver a set of new articles geared to CodeMeter’s clients and prospects. Existing customers can tap into the new potential we have portrayed and either refine their secure licensing setup or test new modules of our technology. Prospects may find new reasons to trust CodeMeter and design their proof of concept based on our solution”.

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