Crossing new frontiers: Wibu-Systems and Leader Electronics Corp.

  • The SFR-Fit software by Leader Electronics Corp. generates and displays the exact test chart for any given camera
  • The Japanese maker of electronic measuring equipment had chosen to redesign its sales strategy to increase global market share
  • Leader Electronics Corp. has grown its resolution measuring software business with the aid of Wibu-Systems
  • CodeMeter by Wibu-Systems supports MATLAB Compiler and provides best-of-breed IP protection and versatile license management capabilities

CodeMeter helps boost business revenue for the Japanese measurement firm’s SFR-Fit software

CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems protects the specialized SFR-Fit MTF measurement software of Leader Electronics Corp. with advanced encryption technology and improves the company’s software monetization with its smart license management capabilities

Wibu-Systems, the company behind the popular CodeMeter protection and licensing technology, has teamed up with Leader Electronics Corp. to support the global expansion of the Japanese maker of highly specialized electronic measuring hardware and software. CodeMeter’s ability to protect and license the SFR-Fit MTF Measurement Software developed for MATLAB opens up new prospects for secure and profitable growth in the domestic Japanese and the international market.

SFR-Fit is one of the many innovations and developments by the Japanese specialists for measuring equipment since the company’s first test oscillator was introduced in 1954. As a firm favorite of engineers and technicians in the broadcasting industry, hardware by Leader Electronics Corp. has been involved in several historical milestones, including the very first live broadcast from the peak of Mount Everest. The SFR-Fit technology delivers a smart software solution for exact resolution measurements without the complex and labor-intensive process of manually setting up test charts for different camera types.

This new technological development created new markets for their products, but it also required a rethinking when it came to protecting the IP invested in the products and getting it into the right hands with attractive and commercially rewarding sales structures.

As a software based on MATLAB/Simulink, protecting and licensing SFR-Fit required a solution that could handle applications developed with MATLAB Compiler. CodeMeter by Wibu-Systems is able to do so and also contributes its award-winning encryption technology and its smart license management capabilities to safeguarding and monetizing the know-how.

With different license models, including the trial licenses requested by Leader Electronics Corp. as a tool for developing its new international user base, and both software CmActLicenses and hardware CmDongles available as license containers, CodeMeter offers much flexibility. This extends to the technical and commercial processes in the background: Licenses can be created, distributed, and activated online with the power of CodeMeter License Central and License Portal, which keeps operations lean for Leader Electronics Corp. and makes the entire experience smooth and comfortable for users in the company’s established and new markets. Even upgrading from a trial to a full license is a matter of a few clicks without any changes required to the actual installed software, making it easy for users to get familiar with SFR-Fit and lowering the purchase threshold.

Koichi Toda of Leader Electronics Corp. sees a double benefit in the cooperation with Wibu-Systems. “CodeMeter meets all of our requirements”, he stresses, but he also draws attention to another contribution for which he is grateful, namely for Wibu-Systems “sharing their knowledge for software monetization”. It is a sentiment echoed by Oliver Winzenried, co-founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems: “Our vision for CodeMeter is not just to provide the very best in protection technology, but to equip our clients with the knowledge and capabilities they can use to seize new business opportunities.”

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