The new standard CmWAN at SPS 2013: CodeMeter allows licensing from the cloud – for the Cloud


Software protection and license management on the cloud

Access to licenses on the cloud is secured via https without any special firewall setting change.

CodeMeter provides integrity and know-how protection, as well as flexible licensing of software and data. The cryptographic keys and licenses are stored in CmContainers, which can either be smart card-based hardware CmDongles or signed and encrypted CmActLicense files that get connected to the target system through the activation process. Both methods do not work on the cloud though: Dongles cannot be connected, and activation on the cloud does not make any sense either. The CmLAN protocol, that allows the access to licenses in companies Intranets, requires its own IP port. Wibu-Systems first announces the new CmWAN at SPS IPC Drives 2013, booth 640, hall 7.

The new CmWAN protocol tunnels the access to CodeMeter via https, so that the access can be granted without any special configuration change. Thus protected software is operated on the cloud, or clients run software whose licenses reside on the cloud, without any activation or use of dongles. Instead dongle or activation is required only on the server that provides the license via the Internet.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, states:  “With CmWAN software vendors can provide licenses from the cloud, which customers can use simply and without any change to their IT infrastructure or their firewall system, so that neither dongle nor activation are needed. CmWAN can also be applied to run protected software on the cloud."

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