35 Years of Excellence: Wibu-Systems Continues to Lead in Cybersecurity and Software Licensing

  • 1989-2024: A Milestone in Wibu-Systems’ Journey: Celebrating 35 years of unwavering commitment to business continuity, technological advancement, and team cohesion.
  • Global Trust and Local Excellence: Wibu-Systems’ network of channel partners ensures international customers trust them as local centers of excellence.
  • Legacy and Innovation: Wibu-Systems supports legacy technology while offering seamless migration paths to groundbreaking innovations.
  • Professional Team: Wibu-Systems’ dedicated, inspired, and united team excels in delivering cutting-edge services and guiding customers in their protection, licensing, and security projects.

Reflecting on Three and a Half Decades of Innovation, Commitment, and Digital Transformation

Wibu-Systems: 35 Years of Innovation, Excellence, and Trust.

For over three decades, Wibu-Systems has been at the forefront of cybersecurity and software license lifecycle management, safeguarding the digital assets and intellectual property of organizations worldwide. As the company celebrates its 35th anniversary, its management reflects on the remarkable journey that has made them a global leader in software protection, license management, and IT security.

Since its establishment in 1989, Wibu-Systems has remained steadfast in its commitment to business continuity, technological excellence, team cohesion, environmental responsibility and ethical business practices. This commitment has not only shaped its identity but has also positioned the company as a trusted partner for enterprises seeking robust protection and licensing solutions in a vast array of industries.

Marcellus Buchheit, co-founder of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, President and CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS USA, recalls the early days: “35 years ago, the founding principle of Wibu-Systems was based on the concept of software protection, embodied in a WibuKey license stored in a secure, parallel-port dongle. Today, our founding principle has not wavered, but evolved into a highly flexible software monetization offering, using a CodeMeter license in a secure cloud container. This transformation was propelled by our innovative design team and through collaboration with our inventive customers. Amazingly, our software licensing solutions today are based on the same architecture we developed 35 years ago”.

It's not just about a clear technological vision that never strayed from the high road: Wibu-Systems proudly upholds the "Security Made in Germany" ethos. The products, developed and manufactured in Germany, are respected worldwide for their reliability and durability. While the company thinks globally in expanding its market, the German heritage is evident in the complete product development cycle, ensuring the strictest control from the inception of innovative ideas by its in-house team to the development of its hardware and software solutions.

The centralized control of all critical processes and decisions from Wibu-Systems’ headquarters has not only resulted in a more streamlined approach but has also had a significantly positive impact on its quality processes, including its environmental footprint. Long before the widespread focus on climate-conscious decisions, the company's management was already aligning with global standards and reimagining various aspects, such as bills of materials for hardware products, innovative packaging solutions for logistics, and sustainable energy alternatives for its new headquarters.

While Wibu-Systems maintains its dedication to supporting its legacy technology, which remains available and continually updated, the company also offers seamless migration pathways to its latest groundbreaking technology achievements. This approach ensures that its customers can evolve with them, benefiting from the most advanced security solutions in the industry.

Wibu-Systems’ success story is not solely defined by its cutting-edge technology; it's also the result of strong relationships. Company management is proud to have cultivated a network of channel partners who have been with them since their early days. These partners have earned the trust of their international customers, serving as local centers of excellence, and amplifying the global reach.

Wibu-Systems’ team, comprised of highly skilled professionals, is both inspired and united in its mission to deliver cutting-edge services. Year after year, they guide their customers through the realization of their protection, licensing, and security projects. The commitment to excellence is the driving force behind every successful project and partnership of Wibu-Systems.

Driven by his passion and leadership, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, adds "As we continue our journey towards a secure digital future, let us remember that true innovation knows no boundaries. Together, we stand at the forefront of technological excellence, safeguarding the innovations that shape tomorrow. Let our collective dedication fuel the flames of progress, and may our legacy be one of unwavering commitment to security, empowerment, and a world where digital possibilities are boundless”.

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