Welcome to the quantum age

IT Security Club, Zimmerstrasse 3 Karlsruhe, Germany

How serious is the threat of quantum computing?

Quantum computing has been hanging over the IT security world like a cross of Damocles’ sword and Tantalus’ fruit tree: Always fascinating, always just out of reach, and always vaguely threatening. The power of the new computing technology to break current cryptographic capabilities has long been shown in theory, and as quantum computing is slowly becoming a reality, security specialists need to prepare for that potential rug-pull moment: What happens if it happens?

The KA-IT-SI (Karlsruher IT Sicherheitsinitiative) roundtable event brings together Prof. Dr. Mueller-Quade of the KASTEL working group on cryptography and security at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Dirk Fox of Secorvo Security Consulting with our very own Oliver Winzenried, founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems. Their discussion will explore how serious the threat of quantum computing is for current IT security approaches. The controversial topic promises to spark a lively debate with the audience and leave much food for thought as the industry moves forward towards a quantum future.

For Wibu-Systems, this event marks a very special date: It is the first event of its kind hosted at the House of IT Security, the new and unique location dedicated to IT security work on the company’s new campus. To accompany the occasion, attendees will have a chance to tour the IT Security Club, the site’s co-working space and innovation hub right in the heart of Karlsruhe’s IT security community.

Baden TV will stream the event live to keep all viewers who are not able to attend in person in the loop about new developments and the current debates concerning quantum computing and IT security.

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