Firm Code – Product Code

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When you choose to use CodeMeter, the all-in-one solution for protecting your software against piracy, reverse engineering and tampering, and licensing your applications with versatile schemes, you will come across the terms Firm Code and Product Code again and again. Let’s have a closer look at their definition and how crucial they are in protecting and licensing your software.

In your role as software publisher, you are first going to integrate CodeMeter into your software. An easy option is to use CodeMeter Protection Suite and encrypt the entire application. Additionally, you can use CodeMeter Core API to integrate license checks into your software. For the encryption process, you need a cryptographic key. This key is automatically derived from Firm Code and Product Code.

In a second stage, you are going to create a license and deliver it to your sample user. The license includes the same Firm Code and Product Code that you have used during the protection process. This ensures that the right cryptographic key is available on the user side for starting your software.

Firm Code and Product Code are thus the vital connection between the integration of CodeMeter into your software and the creation of the protected software license.

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