Software Monetization

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Software Monetization is the capability to effectively maximize your software revenue by meeting market demands. It’s imperative in today’s marketplace of tight budgets and slow revenue growth that ISV’s and device manufacturers package their software to match the dynamic usage requirements of their end users. Gone are the days of selling software with a perpetual license in a box. Today’s marketplace requires flexibility in licensing, delivery, reporting, and management while also protecting your intellectual property.

CodeMeter for Monetizing Software

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter License Platform is a software monetization offering that includes CodeMeter License Central, CmActLicense, and CmDongle and provides the ability to protect and grow your software revenues while seamlessly integrating into your existing business processes. What this means to you is a simplified and flexible sales process to enable effective software profitability that will meet the needs of software developers from small start-ups to large enterprise solution providers. Our tools AxProtector and IxProtector provide an efficient way to integrate CodeMeter in a secure way into your software products. In addition, Wibu Professional Services can help you design, integrate, and deploy our software monetization solutions either locally or in the Wibu Cloud.

CodeMeter Explained

  • License Central: A web-services based license management solution for license creation, license activation, license updating, tracking, and reporting. Also provides a Portal capability for end user license management. Easily integrated into your ERP & CRM systems for a streamlined order and management process.
  • AxProtector and IxProtector: These developer tools utilize 128 bit AES Encryption to provide anti-tampering and reverse engineering protection.
    • AxProtector ("Automatic Executable Protection") encrypts and protects without requiring source code changes to your application so that it cannot be run without a CodeMeter license.
    • IxProtector ("Individual Executable Protection") lets you add security with very few source code changes by encrypting individual functions or methods with their own encryption keys. You can also attach individual license parameters to individual methods to enable "pay per use" or "pay per feature" licensing.
  • CmDongle: A full line-up of hardware devices that include USB, SD Card, MicroSD Card, CF Cards, etc. that securely stores a flexible array of license models.
  • CmActLicense: Software activation (secure binding of a license file to a PC or other hardware device).
  • Wibu Concepts: Wibu-Systems Professional Services team to help design and deploy your software monetization solution either locally or in the Wibu Cloud.
  • Wibu Cloud: Wibu-Systems hosted services offering.
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