Enabling Embedded Security
for the Internet of Things

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The pervasive connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) exposes embedded devices to more security risks than ever before. As a result, safeguarding devices, data, and intellectual property becomes a key requirement embedded device manufacturers must meet to succeed in IoT. Join Wind River® and Wibu-Systems to learn about security threats embedded devices face in applications with various levels of security criticality and how modern security solutions featuring a combination of software- and hardware-based security help address them.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Ways to protect connected embedded devices, data, and intellectual property in the Internet of Things
  • Software-based security features delivered by the VxWorks® 7 Real-Time Operating System together with Security Profile for VxWorks
  • Complementary hardware-based CodeMeter® Security solution by Wibu-Systems
  • Benefits of a joint integrated solution featuring software- and hardware-based security for security-sensitive applications.


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