Your Migration Map to a Comprehensive Protection and Licensing System


If you think that people migrate from secure licensing technology A to secure licensing technology B mainly for pricing reasons, you’d better think again. With 30 years of practice in this field under our belt, we have been watching the market closely, and our own statistics tell a different story. For most of the cases we were called in to advise, the main trigger had to do with more complex protection and/or licensing needs that the ISVs had to comply with. Whether these were goals they set themselves to gain a stronger market positioning or the result of discussions the ISVs were having with their clients, whether the system the ISVs were migrating from was homegrown or from a dedicated DRM supplier, the result was always the same: technology demands had increased to such a critical point that the existent solution could not keep up. Upon reaching that fork, the ISVs could develop a custom upgrade and stray off course from their own corporate mission, or look for a mature, interoperable, comprehensive, and widely adopted technology, developed independently by a fully dedicated vendor.

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Riiiiing! We acquired a couple of companies in the last few years and now we find ourselves with three different licensing solutions in place. Can you please help us run an analysis of which features are crucial to us and consolidate the whole ecosystem?

Riiiiing! When we started our business, we went for a simple copy protection solution. Now that we have a stable stream of income and even more ambitious plans for the future, we would like to use a more sophisticated license management system. Can you assist us?

Riiiiing! Our current protection solution was mostly about code obfuscation. However, we have come to realize that an approach which includes scrambled encryption algorithms and cutting-edge encryption methods is the way to go. What can Wibu-Systems offer in this direction?

Riiiiing! The IoT is such an exciting opportunity that we decided to extend our portfolio. We would like a single technology for IP protection and license lifecycle management that works with computers, mobile devices, embedded systems, and PLCs. Is CodeMeter the right choice?

Riiiiing! We are using a world leading IDE for PLCs to develop our IEC 61131 applications, but we feel like more stringent security policies could safeguard our know-how even better. Do you have a module that fully integrates and adds secure key storage, associated with a secure hardware element?

Riiiiing! If the future is the cloud, we don’t want to miss it. So far, we have been using software and hardware-based license containers, but being able to move our applications as SaaS to the cloud would represent a pivotal business advantage. Is your cloud solution mature enough?

Riiiiing! With our current licensing system, deploying licenses takes up too much of our valuable time. We want to be able to streamline the complete process in a way that our ERP system does automatically the heavy lifting for us. Which back office platforms do you support?

Riiiiing! The VARs buying our CodeMeter-secured PLCs have expressed a strong interest in a similar solution that may protect and license the software they sell along with our units. Does your technology provide multivendor capabilities? How can you serve the entire supply chain with the lowest impact possible for all parties involved?

We will dig deep into the migration process of some of our customers:

  • The most frequent use cases for migrating to CodeMeter
  • Short overview of CodeMeter 
  • Migration approaches
    • CodeMeter Runtime / Binding Extension
    • Transition time for two systems running in parallel
    • CodeMeter as a secure ID
    • Complete conversion for each new major version
    • Exchanging dongles in the field
    • Patching old versions
  • Demos and best practices
    • Acquiring legacy data
    • Creating legacy licenses using CodeMeter
    • Generating a secure unique ID for third-party vendors
    • Encrypting an application that supports multiple licensing systems

What’s your story? Are you ready to leapfrog into the future of license and entitlement management? Join us and discover what you may be missing out on by staying with your current system.

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