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    According to the CmDust.log file the plug-In should locate in the directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\plug_ins\SmartShelter

    It should therefore be installed correctly.


    If the menu entry "Help | About third-party Plug-Ins | SmartShelter PDF" is not displayed in Adobe Reader, please check that your Adobe Reader installation only loads "certified" add-on modules. You can do this

    check via the "Edit | Default settings" menu item. In the "Program start" section activate "Use only certified plug-ins" and restart Adobe Reader.




    See also the manual SmartShelter Developer/User chapter "Certified Plug-Ins".


    If we can not find any accesses to the local CodeMeter License in the CodeMeter Control Center (Events window) from the SmartShelter PlugIn, then the Smash PlugIn is may be blocked by the Acrobat reader via the Sandbox modus.

    If the Sandbox Modus is active ( Edit - Preferences - Security (Enhandced)) then the PlugIn is not able to interact with the local CodeMeter Runtime Server, please do the following:




    - Select "Edit > Preferences" (Windows) or Acrobat/Adobe Reader > "Preferences" (Mac OS).

    - From the Categories on the left, select "Security (Enhanced)".

    - Select the "Enable Enhanced Security" option.

    - Specify a list of locations in the "Privileged Locations" section, and then click "OK".



    Please proceed as follows:


    1. Download the tool 'Fix Installation' from our website.

    You find the tool in the area Software of the "Support & Downloads | User" or "Support & Downloads | Developer" menu items.

    2. Run the tool with administrative privileges.

    This action temporarily restores the required registry entries.

    3. Uninstall SmartShelter PDF.

    4. Execute the tool again to delete the temporary entries.


    Now your system is prepared and ready for installing SmartShelter PDF Version 6.01.


    When opening the protected PDF file the error message appears that no suitable CmContainer is found, but no accesses are visible in CodeMeter.log.


    This behavior occurs when the Adobe Reader "Sandbox-Mode" is switched on.


    If no license access is visible in CodeMeter Control Center (Events tab) of SmartShelter PlugIn, the PlugIn is usually blocked by Acrobat Reader Sandbox mode.

    If sandbox mode is enabled [Edit | Default | Security (Enhanced)], the PlugIn cannot communicate with the local CodeMeter Runtime Server.


    Please proceed as follows to ensure communication.


    1. Select "Edit" > "Preferences" (Windows) or "Acrobat/Adobe Reader" | 1.

    "Preferences" (Mac OS).

    2. Selecton the left the category "Security (Enhanced)".

    3. Select the "Enable advanced security" option.

    4. Select in the 'Trusted sites' section the site from which the file was downloaded.

    5. Click the OK button.