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At Wibu-Systems, we know the power of entrepreneurship to change people’s lives, and we understand the importance of getting the basics right. That is why we are supporting Kiva, the non-profit microlenders from San Francisco, United States. Kiva has a simple mission: To get the financial support from a community of lenders to the right people – entrepreneurs around the globe who want to and can improve the lives of their communities with a little support to get their dreams off the ground.

Kiva lets its supporters choose the categories of borrowers and regions they want to support, and the loans are given out to vetted recipients through local organizations. A Kiva loan is a loan in the true sense, with careful checks and manageable interest rates to ensure that the support is handled responsibly for successful outcomes on the ground. Kiva has a repayment rate of 96%.

Over $1.7 billion in loans have been provided to four million borrowers, helping people all over the world. With a Kiva loan, farmers can alleviate the impact of a poor season or even grow their business with new machines or livestock, young entrepreneurs can set up a shop and make an independent living, and artisans can acquire the tools or training they need to serve their communities: Microfinancing is not a one-off gift, but a smart injection of resources where they are needed to potentially improve the lives of entire communities.

All of this is made possible by the Kiva community with its more than two million lenders – now including Wibu-Systems.

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