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New license container – The ultimate choice for software vendors

Wibu-Systems CmCloudContainer takes license and entitlement management technology into the cloud for added ease and flexibility for any size software developer and their end users.

Wibu-Systems, a pioneer in licensing and protection technology for more than three decades, continues to innovate and add to its broad range of solutions for software developers and end users alike. CmCloud, the company’s newest approach to licensing introduced last year, takes the familiar and popular CodeMeter license and entitlement management technology into the cloud for added ease and flexibility. Wibu-Systems’ engineers have tailored this unique module in the CodeMeter technology family to fit the deployment processes of any software vendor, regardless of their size.

Implementing CmCloud and CmCloudContainers and giving their end users the full CodeMeter experience is easy for boutique software developers as well as for larger independent and corporate software vendors. To license the software they have protected with CodeMeter Protection Suite or CodeMeter Core API, vendors can choose between an automatic or a manual approach. In the manual approach, the developer creates one CmCloudContainer via the CodeMeter Cloud Dashboard for every user, activates the license into this CmCloudContainer, and delivers the access credentials to the user.

In the fully automatic approach, the vendor simply creates entitlements, which are connected to tickets. Typically, this is done automatically via an ERP system or an e-commerce solution. Once these tickets have been delivered, users manage their account and licenses in a self-service license portal. The CmCloudContainer and its access credentials are created in the background and the licenses are activated using the tickets. The whole process is highly automated – no interaction with the vendor is needed. Also, support processes, like forgotten or stolen access credentials, can be handled by the users themselves.

When choosing CmCloudContainer, software publishers big and small and their users also become part of the CodeMeter ecosystem. With Wibu-Systems’ commitment to 4D interoperability, this means access to a sophisticated lineup of hardware and software license containers, a proven protection concept that relies on award-winning encryption technology, and a versatile license management system that works in all mainstream environments. From the embedded systems that make up the backbone of the industrial IoT to every major consumer operating system and technology, CmCloudContainers will work reliably from Wibu-Systems’ dedicated CodeMeter Cloud servers.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, believes that the CmCloudContainer is the perfect embodiment of the company’s mission: “With the licensing process made so simple and straightforward for actual users and still secure and reliable for vendors, our CmCloudContainer does exactly what we are here for: Taking away the hassle of licensing and protection to empower businesses to do what they do best – make great software. This is Wibu-Systems in a nutshell.”

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