The Industrial Internet is a theme particularly dear to Germany, a country playing a leading role in global manufacturing. However, the recent rise of professional cyber-attacks aimed at the heart of industrial control systems may slow the advent of or even disrupt the new connected architecture. The standard security measures applied to IT are inadequate for today’s manufacturing models. Service interruptions, even if temporary, have commercial and sometimes even safety-relevant and legal consequences. Production facilities, just like smart grids, need to operate reliably and around the clock. The ultimate goal is to safeguard smart systems against tampering and protect access to sensitive data, know-how and trade secrets.


IUNO, the national reference project for IT security in Industrie 4.0, is meant to identify threats and risks for smart factories and develop protective measures that manufacturers can implement. The objective of this interdisciplinary research and development project is to provide sustainable designs and methods that meet the special requirements of IT security in terms of the operation, scalability, robustness, and efficiency recommended for Industrie 4.0 processes.

This goal requires a paradigm shift in the protection concepts applied to industrial production. The mission of the project therefore shifts towards the protection of collaborative value networks using versatile production structures in Industrie 4.0, where close attention is paid to managing IT security risks. The discussion for the consortium partners will in turn focus on comprehensive value chains with networked, customized production, future remote maintenance, and commercial marketplaces to develop a coordinated vision of IT security for Industrie 4.0.

The blueprint will be developed in a way that it is easily transferrable to other environments. In order to do so, the project will have strong educational elements. SMEs, which are holding back from large investments in Industrie 4.0 in view of the potential commercial risks involved, will ultimately be empowered to provide services in their area of expertise that rely on the added value of interconnected systems.

Application areas

IUNO divides the many aspects of Industrie 4.0 into four main and complementary areas of application:

  • Customized production (secure production)
  • Technology data marketplace (secure data)
  • Remote maintenance / Trusted partner (secure services)
  • Visual security control center (secure processes)

The IT tools and models generated for each use case will be summarized, aggregated, and abstracted in a comprehensive Industrie 4.0 toolkit that will be made available to German SMEs.


  • Developing CodeMeter-based software protection components for the protection of user and communication software
  • Developing CodeMeter-based protection components for the protection of production data and production process technology data of multiple parties in connected distributed production settings
  • Developing and implementing concepts for the secure management of identities, for instance via RFID tags, including the development of CodeMeter-based license management techniques to apply to identity management and trusted services
  • Accomplishing the security objectives by integrating the components developed in demonstrators
  • Applying CodeMeter software components for development support of the IUNO-TPM module
  • Monitoring development in accordance with best practices in the working environment of the demonstrator


Live and Secure Technology Data Marketplace

Securing the Backbone of Connected Industry

TPM-based License Management

Download the use case

Download the use case

Download the use case


Fourteen companies at the forefront of the technological and security space in Germany and seven research institutions and universities have been selected. Their mission: to remove opportunities for hackers in networked manufacturing, assess priorities, and create reference guidelines and demonstrations.

VDMA, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association representing a network of 3100 medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering enterprises, will act as the lynchpin and multiplier in the distribution of the project’s outcome.

Supported by:

The project is funded under the Framework Program “Self-Determination and Security in the Digital World 2015-2020”.

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