VDMA Industrial Security Infoday

VDMA, Lyoner Str., Frankfurt, Germany

This year’s VDMA Infoday Industrial Security is all about the most urgent issues for the modern industry community: Secure communication, stable supply chains, the threat of ransomware, and the means to protect and monetize digital assets in new industrial concepts like additive manufacturing. Members of the VDMA association are invited to explore the current and future challenges for a secure digital industry from different vantage points and to join their peers in thinking about effective responses for a safer and prosperous future.

One highlight for followers of Wibu-Systems’ security solutions and all fans of innovative production concepts will be the talk given by Ralf Anderhofstadt of Daimler Truck AG at 4:20 pm: “Cybersecurity and the additive manufacturing of spare parts”. Since June 2022, users of Mercedes-Benz and Setra busses have been able to benefit from a pioneering offer: The Omniplus service allows them to source many spare parts as digital files for 3D printing when and where they are needed. Ralf Anderhofstadt will introduce the underlying licensing and data marketplace system that promises reliable security and 24/7 availability for both sides. Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager of Wibu-Systems will also be available as an Infoday attendee to answer questions about the Wibu-Systems’ technology that makes this possible.


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