Medical Electronics Congress

2017-02-01 - 2017-02-02
Munich, Germany

In its first edition, this congress will introduce a completely unique format. Rather than delving into deep technical information about electronic systems in the medical field, the primary focus of the event will be the strategic approach for the development of future technologies. To this end, the panelists will build a bridge between equipment manufacturers and customers and assess their expectations, research roadmaps, best practices in development, cooperation schemes with service providers, and system standardization.

On February 2nd, 9.45-10.15 am, Guenther Fischer, Senior Consultant Protection and Licensing of Wibu-Systems, will talk about Security in the value chain of medical applications. The value chain has many links: board manufacturers, contract manufacturers, manufacturers of medical equipment, medical professionals and operators, and patients, all with one shared interest: Preserving security. Medical devices and applications process sensitive data, often containing a patient’s vital details and device related know-how. With CodeMeter, the ultimate solution for secure licensing, it is possible to safeguard machine code from tampering, software from counterfeiting, and data from depredation.

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