Karlsruhe Developer’s Day

2022-05-17 - 2022-05-18
IHK Karlsruhe, Germany

The Karlsruhe Developer’s Day is a perennial favorite for the elite developer community in the region and far beyond its borders. Returning to its home venue at the Karlsruhe Chamber of Commerce, this year’s event will bring together a select group of 180 attendees for two days of networking, conference sessions, and hands-on tutorials. With topics ranging from the good customer practices in agile development to in-depth discussions of many key issues in current software development, the Karlsruhe Developer’s Day is intended specifically for the kind of specialist and forward-thinking minds that make up the region’s dynamic IT community.

At Wibu-Systems, we are proud of this ecosystem and of the standards set by this event, which is why we are supporting the Karlruhe Developer’s Day as a Gold Sponsor. It reflects the two sides of our commitment to the developer community: As an organization active in pioneering IT and cybersecurity research, we are not only galvanized by all the achievements that the digital transformation is bringing about, but also personally contributing to new developments and innovations in the field. And as specialists for IT security, protection, and licensing, we make it our mission to empower developers everywhere with the tools that protect and monetize the fruits of their work. You can see both these aspects expressed in everything we do, from the dedicated House of IT Security on the new Wibu-Systems campus down to the thinking that inspires every piece of our CodeMeter technology.

The conference day is packed to the brim with inspiring speakers and fascinating topics, including our very own Dr. Carmen Kempka with her thought-provoking contribution on “Cryptoagility and quantum-resistant cryptography: Easier said than done?” Tackling one of the proverbial elephants in the room of cybersecurity, Dr Kempka invites her audience to consider what will happen when quantum computing inevitably reaches the level at which it can break the mathematical problems that conventional cryptographic techniques like RSA are based on. Will there be a singularity event and all our efforts to protect data be in vain? Or has the risk been overblown? Carmen Kempka believes in the golden mean: This is not the time for catastrophizing, but it is key to get ahead of the curve and be ready with a new approach to cryptography and IT security that is more agile and less reliant on conventional thinking before the quantum moment hits.



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