2021-02-23 - 2021-03-11
Virtual Event

Technology. Change. Future – This is the bold claim that highlights the publish-industry Verlag’s commitment to its virtual German-speaking audience. The festival will offer a high-quality panel, assembling approximately 100 mind-opener and keynote speakers, whose content will revolve around smart industrial solutions. Trends, technologies, processes, and industry sectors will be analyzed and put under the spotlights.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems, will be live on 25 February at 9 am, to illustrate the opportunities for digitalization brought about by software monetization. Today, the capabilities of many products are shaped by the software or firmware that controls them. What can intelligent device manufacturers do to stay in control over their intellectual property and remain competitive on the market? The answer is simple: Integrating top-notch protections against counterfeiting, reverse engineering, and tampering, delivering their units with basic functionality, and implementing an orchestration of license models that allow them to easily upsell on-demand features, subscriptions or time- and consumption-based models. The manufacturers would then stay on top of the complete product lifecycle from both the technical and the commercial perspective.

Anyone interested in testing CodeMeter can enroll and receive a Software Development Kit to test the sturdiness of its encryption mechanisms and the versatility of its license and entitlement management system.





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